On the other, Mysterium wants to teach Pentacle, to be it’s librarians and archivists – and make all mages depend on them – and by this, their. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. Dec 3, Awakened society looks upon the Mysterium as the great but when any mage seeks esoteric lore outside of his own experience, it is usually.

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Login or Sign Up Log in with. Without occult knowledge, a mage is nothing. These Regions operate under a different governing system, like the scales of aletheia structure in Sanctum and Sigil, but with little concern for balance, and more for profit.

Mysterium – OakthorneWiki

Legends describe the Cenacle of Sighs, where mages could consult the ghosts of savants and vast libraries written in the tongues of fae, demons, angels and gods. Good point, thanks for the clarification.

On the other, Mysterium wants to teach Pentacle, to be it’s librarians and archivists – and make all mages depend on them – and by this, their judgment. They seem more powerful than the Masque merit! Believing the illusion makes reality weaker and the Abyss stronger. At this mave, your character does not need to know the other party for her Status Merits to apply, since her reputation within the egregore precedes her. Where is that stated? Callect all local Mysterium.

Also Toine is correct, the Mysterium do awajening hand out knowledge for free, unless they think that it’s worthless. These expeditions were almost as martial as they were scientific, because outlanders and the night-horrors who often ruled them feared and hated the Great City.


Then some stuff is just strictly off limits to everyone not in the Order. But then again, you also have to keep those helpers save and happy: The highest lore of the Supernal World, the Abyss and certain summoning spells typically require the greatest degrees of initiation.

Investigators have to be careful here, because much of the time mass media carries arcane messages at the behest of hidden supernatural players. But still is a good Merit. Game Calendar Portland Games. The mage can bargain and work to have others supply effects, and favors should reflect the debt incurred.

You can use it to get a free -2dice to all Paradox rolls, including the codified skill in Rote Mudras. Guang Xi can be used for accomplishing tasks big and small, it’s not all about influencing Heirarchs. The first magical tool your character uses in a spell counts as a dedicated magical tool. Earning dots in Order Status Mysterium is a matter of service to the Order, and in well-representing the Mysterium in one’s dealings with the other Orders.

In second edition, the Mysterium are probably the awaiening Order, or tie for it with the Silver Ladder. When is Mage The Awakening 2nd Edition going to be published? These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. So ask other Mystagogues to participate instead of your cabalmates. The caster receives one free die for every other Mystagogue with this Merit participating in the spell. Originally posted by GhostTurtle View Post. Intuition, Revelation, The Scientific Method and Mag are all presented as having merit and drawbacks both methodologicaly and ethically.


Taken secrets are kept under lock, key and ward in an Athenaeum. The consilium prevents factions from grouping up openly, and cleans up after the mess.

XX specifically pertaining mysteriumm Mysterium lore and membership. This way you only would need mages and make it easier to use. Outsiders requesting assistance though are definitely going to get charged.


This is the most important mission in the world to them. Athenaea are always protected with strong wards and are the direct responsibility of a Curator.

I don’t think the aethenum would ever give away knowledge for free. Order mages founded their own traditions as they wandered, teaching the crafts of writing, poetry and storytelling, imbuing it all with vital magical symbols.

Mysterium is my favorite Order, and it just feels like their benefit is weak when stacked up against the others, and of awalening use even within the Mysterium. The Free Council accuses these mages of being little more than self-appointed death squads that kill freethinking mages.

Lastly, does a character need to have at least the same level of Order Status as awakneing level of Egregore, or does Mysterium Status 1 permit purchase of all levels of Egregore? But aside from these puzzles, enemies threaten the Mysterium. Only problem is – When enough is enough?

But the order calls its accusers hypocrites, because they are all too happy to use the knowledge that Mysterium mages risk their lives to acquire.