The Leman Russ Punisher is the second “Siege” pattern Russ, and about as close to “enuff Dakka” as the Imperial Guard. Leman Russ Punisher tank from Games Workshop. I have two more of these to paint and assemble – one is one of the older version – with the. Ok so as the title says which would be best? For context i play pure tempestus scions and the leman russ would be played with the storm.

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In layman terms it is a ruws time use wall of death that deals D6 amount of damage. However these exposed lines can be severed by lemna fire, a contributing factor to many green Executioner crews abandoning the tank at the first sign of trouble since a catastrophic failure can result in the destruction of the tank and anything else in a large area around it. The variations seen in the tabletop game are as follows:. However, the Punisher can be outmatched by enemy tanks in a head-to-head fight, and commonly deploys alongside other Leman Russ tank variants to make up for the loss of anti-armour firepower.

If a Lascannon or Battle Cannon just isn’t lemzn it for tankhunting, and you don’t really feel like grabbing a Melta, this weapon can fill the need. An Imperial Officer found his armoured units constantly losing to renegade armour, so he decided to replace his companies Leman Russ’ battle cannons and replace them with the companies lascannons.

Whatever you say, Gue’la. This used to be the bane of Terminator-heavy armies that had gotten used to being nigh-on invulnerable to conventional weaponry; but when this tank reared it’s head, it dethroned the kings of lemn battlefield. Those who are found to have abandoned their tanks can expect to face harsh punishment, even death, for such a crime from their regiment’s Commissar.


The Leman Russ Vanquisher has a variant of the Battle Cannon that “usually” one-shots enemy vehicles at long range overconfidence killed the Guardsmen.

leman russ exterminator | eBay

If ruse want to actually get something closer to the 40k style, there are also plenty of 3rd party kits. So why aren’t they more common? Newer Post Older Post Home. Valhallans double the number of wounds for Vehicles when determining their characteristics.

Leman Russ Punisher

For ten points, it is cost effective. Retrieved from ” http: Well, we have the variants. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

Obviously you’re going to put a hull lascannon on it, since you’d have to be lobotomised not to. The first part will cover the decisions you can make before and during a game that will improve your Leman Russ Tactics and their ability to bring you and the best fighting force in the galaxy victory!

The Destroyer has got your back. The main point for a Conqueror now it’s mobility.

Leman Russ Tactics & Full Breakdown

They can be a warlord and only roll on the first three choices of the codex warlord table, and their unit is moved into the HQ force org slot. At some point I’ll just carve it off and glue on a new one There are a dizzying number of Leman Russes with tons of different payloads. This page is in need of cleanup. Melee in general is good against guard, the only thing to worry about is being tarpitted by conscript hordes who can keep your expensive vehicle punchers stuck.

If you are having problems with those pesky tyranid MCs, consider going for the double cheese and cheddar routine on Vanquishers; Forge World now allows Command Vanquishers to take beast hunter shells: The lower profile can also be of some help when it comes to putting it out of urss of sight.


Leman Russ Punisher – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The Plasma Cannon Sponsons are a different story. When backed up with other weapons, the Punisher BRRRRRT Cannon can destroy huge numbers of troops at once, though it is hampered by its operators’ low ballistic skill and its inability to penetrate armor.

It is predominately an infantry support vehicle however, and it’s lack of sufficient anti-tank weaponry makes it vulnerable when facing enemy armored forces. Though not a auto include, it should not be overlooked. Each variant could also be a Tank Commander or Pask.

It’s only 20 points for the pair, and the worst case scenario is that they add to the hull Heavy Bolter in slinging shots downrange, which can help a lot against Tyranids and other blob armies and is especially nice to have with Pask in play.

The second the opponent hears one of the tanks has Adamantium will, that tank is a target. It’s not like the Dozer Blade is a better use of those points.

With squadron of Leman Russes as allied Troops detachment. Light tanks get torn to shreds in one burst, Medium tanks take a beating, and even Land Raiders or other Leman Russes can get thoroughly tenderized through volume of dice. Let him believe what he will. Either way, it’s done it’s job.