Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. P6 Analytics provides out-of- the box support for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Work. Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. INPO AP, Work Management Process Description. • INPO , Guideline for Excellence in Procedure and Work Instruction Use and Adherence. 7.

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The following tasks are examples of other maintenance: A work ipo team will screen each identified ipno that is not toolpouch work and determine the following: Appropriate checks, reviews, and approvals are imbedded in critical steps or segments of the instructions to ensure they do not result in errors. Use standard tagouts where applicable. The indicator should be in;o composite percentage of activities completed as expected. They accomplish this through the following: Schedule development takes into account the level of detail and logic ties necessary to maintain acceptable risk and reliability levels.

Accurately describe the deficiency, and assess the work necessary to correct it. Appendix E provides industry standardized indicators to promote comparison of performance among stations, along with other recommended indicators that have proven useful to determine and improve the health of the work management process.

Equipment history should be updated when applicable. Work is not complex. Provide a methodology for a tiered approach to planning and scheduling. This value should represent the total inventory of degraded conditions on power block station equipment. This process provides a graded approach to analyze and correct problems and provides opportunities to improve performance.


No Is additional planning needed? Rolling averages may be used to correct aberrations in data caused by uneven schedule loading or brief periods of high emergent work. Establish radiation work permit requirements based on radiation and contamination levels maintaining exposure as low as reasonably achievable. Real-time planning also provides a benefit to the normal scheduling process by identifying restrained items early in the scheduling process.

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Neither INPO, INPO members, INPO participants, nor any person acting on the behalf of them a makes any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information contained in this document, or that the use of any information, apparatus, method, or process disclosed in this document may not infringe on privately owned rights, or b assumes any liabilities with respect to the use of, or for damages resulting from the use of any information, apparatus, method, or process disclosed in this document.

Verify the equipment identification is accurate. Unusual alarms affecting plant availability that may occur or are expected to occur as a result of the performance of the task Individuals at any level?

This type of schedule should be reserved for work that is routine and does not require the details of a logic-driven schedule. Relay caused alarm during stator cooling water pump rotation. Dangerous chemicals, poisons, or asbestos d.

Provide rigorous feedback to improve the process. FEGs include equipment within preselected and repetitively used boundaries that have been evaluated for acceptable out-of-service combinations. Yes Perform toolpouch activity and docum ent as necessary Activity com plete No 3.


The number of equipment deficiencies challenging safe and reliable operation of the station will be lower. For activities such as testing, modifications, and engineering studies, scope definition may range from a brief problem statement with identified accountability and due date to a detailed written description of the problem, potential plant impact, resource requirements, expected approach to resolution, and draft timetable for milestone completion.

IF performance of this activity will not result in actual or potential operational impact as described below, THEN proceed to step 4. Walk down the work area for any interferences, and verify required test equipment is installed and operable. All PMs, surveillances, CMs, EMs, or other work activities on the schedule, along with scheduled activities to hang clearances, build scaffolds, remove insulation, training classes, meetings, vacations, or to provide RP support would be included in scope.

INPO (AP-928) Conference

Entry into a technical specification LCO action statement will be caused or required. The Functional Equipment Group FEG is the bundling of multiple equipment subcomponents around a major component with a common system isolation characteristic or out-of-service consideration.

Reference all other items that may apply.

No new deficiency was introduced as a result of the activity.