In this article, Bolter and Grusin aim to trace these histories of immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation: We will begin by showing how the. In chapter one of this text, the authors discuss immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation. Fittingly, they offer the disclaimer that they make no. Bolter, J. D., & Grusin, R. (). “Immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation.” In Remediation: Understanding new media. Cambridge: The.

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Congratulations, you saved my sanity when trying to get through that word vomit text that is the source material. Final Thoughts There is a paradox within these various logics and desires. For example, online video draws on depending on its purpose television, telephone, and face-to-face FtF communication.

The paper highlights how remediation operates under cultural assumptions about immediacy and hypermediacy, and touches on all three subjects.

The second one is when a medium emphasises the differences rather than try to erase is. Hypermediacy can be defined simply as multiple forms of media combined together in a viewing experience. And finally, when a new medium tries to absorb the old medium entirely.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation

In the way, the image is a representations of the individual, and one sees it as such partially due to the hypermedia aspect of users having to interact so much with the interface. In this article, Bolter and Grusin aim to trace these histories of immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation: This means that conversants may not feel the co-conversant is live, such as with a synchronous Skype or video conference, but clearly, there is the recording of a real immfdiacy on the screen; it was just filmed at some previous point in time with an identifiable timestamp of the upload.

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They contrast with each other, and give you different perspectives. Initially, this blog detailed my doctorate and dissertation. Hypermediacy is a “style of visual representation whose goal is to remind the viewer of the medium” Bolter and Grusin Syllabus Assessment Student Content.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation — Time Barrow

I completed that life chapter and devote this blog to writing, content design, and user experience. Comment From Clive Castro on June 8th, at 2: Herein lies the paradox: The logic of immediacy is the idea that technology should closely reflect the real world in order to create a sense of presence Now, it sits, pretty much archived, yet containing much solid info.

Remediation is an integral component of new media, and it manifests on a continuum of extremes. This can also be seen in online shopping. Metaphor formation is the fundamental quality of the human intellect. Remediation can also be more aggressive, attempting to refashion the older medium or media entirely, while still making the presence of the older media and therefore maintaining a sense of multiplicity, or hypermediacy Email required Address never made public.

In examining hypermediacy, we will show how digital multimedia adapt strategies from modernist painting and earlier forms. John McTiernanin which Jack Slater Arnold Scharzenegger plays both an action hero and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and in which the film screen is permeable by characters on either “side.

We will then be in a position to explore more fully the curious reciprocal logic of our third trait, remediation itself. Later on, they state that the human agent being erased from the media is a big part of immediacy.

By demediation, when one is using video to communicate with another, he or she has an equal or greater sense of this immediate contact, yet with the individual on the screen.


Finally, they touch on the topic of remediation. There is a trail remdiation our cultural history of attempts to create media that do this.

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation – PUB

By the use of the video, it places the user right in front of a human conversant, including the awareness of sound, appearance, gesture, facial expression, etc. Bolter La bella vita on September 27th, at 9: Rather, they have existed long before that in various different forms of media.

Photography was supposedly more immediate than painting, film than photography, television than film, and now virtual reality fulfills the promise of immediacy rfmediation supposedly ends the progression. An example here is the move from cinema to television to web, as these different media certainly influence and necessitate each other without acknowledging that dependence.

Really helped me understand what all these concepts mean…thank you! In formal remediafion, the desire for immediacy is the desire to get beyond the medium to the objects of representation themselves. It is a self-referentiality of the visual and remediahion become so pervasive that we see it as the theme of films like Last Action Hero ; Dir. Video as a communication tool is generally used in a synchronous manner with tools such as Skype, video IM, and teleconferencing. The viewer is aware of the medium on which they are observing.

As a culture fascinated by and reliant on media, we as producers and consumers want to both multiply and erase traces of mediation. BolterGrusinimmediacyremdeiation. You are commenting using your WordPress.