Gildas’. ‘On the Ruin of Britain’. Translated by J. A. Giles and T. Habington. For convenience, this text has been composed into this PDF document by. Camelot. The primary exception to that rule is The Ruin of Britain, written by the British churchman, Gildas, around the year Gildas warned his readers that sin might. The Preface, History and Epistle of Gildas’ principal work, De Excidio Britanniae, a sermon in three parts condemning the acts of his contemporaries, both.

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And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, and say.

These must I first, according to the law, as the witnesses did, with rough stones of words, and then the people, if they cling to the decrees, stone with all our might, not that they may be killed in the body, but, by being dead unto sins, they may live unto God. This is a reprint of a translation of what is probably the earliest surviving British history of British events, dating from perhaps around AD He thought, perhaps not so unlikely, that Gildas had good cause to hide his real name.

I saw, on the contrary, what great rhin had grown upon the men of our age, as if there were no cause for fear.

And all the nations shall know that it was on account of their sins the house of Israel were carried away captive, because they forsook me. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Part II is a condemnation of five kings for their various sins, including both obscure figures and relatively well-documented ones such as Maelgwn Gwynedd.

Who will give, wafer unto my head, and unto mine eyes a fountain of tears?

Then there breaks forth a brood of whelps from the lair of the savage lioness, in three cyulae keelsas it is expressed in their language, but in ours, in ships of war under full sail, with omens and divinations. Retrieved February 4, In the first years of thy youth, accompanied by soldiers of the bravest, whose countenance in battle appeared not very unlike that of young lions, didst thou not most bitterly crush thy uncle the king with sword, and spear, and fire?


Seek the Lord and ye shall live, so that the house of Ioseph shall not blaze like fire and devour it, and there shall not be to quench it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But hear also what threats the distinguished prophet Zephaniah heaps up: What also against that wicked king of Israel fellow of those by whose collusion, and by the guile of his wife, innocent Naboth was put to death, for the sake of his vineyard, inherited from his fathers?

Why did ye agree to tempt the Spirit of God?

On the Ruin of Britain by Gildas

Come together, and gather yourselves together, nation without discipline; before ye be made as a flower that passeth away, before the anger of the Lord come upon you. To these the mother of the brood, finding that success had attended the first contingent, sends out also a larger raft-full of accomplices and curs, which sails over and joins itself to their bastard comrades.

I shall surely fill my strength with the spirit and power of the Lord, so as to make known unto the house of Jacob their sins, and to the house of Israel their offences, lest I be as dumb dogs that cannot bark. Each one shall be amazed at his neighbour; their countenance shall be as faces burnt.

Quotations from Scripture, made consecutively in the order of books, denouncing wicked Princes. This island, of proud neck and mind, since it was first inhabited, is ungratefully rebelling, now against God, at other times against fellow citizens, 7 sometimes even against the kings over the sea and their subjects. For contempt is thrown upon thy first marriage, though after thy violated vow as a monk it was illicit, yet was to be assumed as the marriage of thine own proper wife; another marriage is sought after, not with anybody’s widow, but with the beloved wife of a living man; and he not a stranger, but thy brother’s son.

All things that are of the earth shall go to the earth, so shall the wicked from curse unto perdition. Serve the Lord in goodness, and in singleness of heart seek ye him. According to their uncleanness, and according to their transgressions, have I done unto them and have turned my face away from them. Let his eyes see his own destruction, and may he not be redeemed by the Lord. It has the advantage of the estuaries of two noble rivers, the Thames and the Severn, arms, as it were, along which, of old, foreign luxuries were wont to be carried by ships, and of other smaller streams; it is beautified by 28 cities, 5 and some strongholds, and by great works built in an unexceptionable manner, walls, serrated towers, gates, houses, the roofs of which, stretching aloft with threatening height, were firmly fixed in strong structure.


So far, I have argued with the kings of my country no less by oracles of prophets than by my own words, desiring that they should know what the prophet had said: There is none who repenteth of his sin, saying: And I shall visit the evils of the world, and, against the impious, their iniquity; and shall cause the pride of the unfaithful to become quiet, and the haughtiness of the strong will I lay low.

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The harp, the lyre, the tabret, the pipe and wine are in your feasts; and the work of the Lord ye regard not, and the work of His hands ye consider not.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Turn according to the Psalmist away from evil and do good, seek good peace and follow it; because the eyes of the. Woe unto you, ye impious men, who have abandoned the law of the Most High God: The ox knoweth its owner, and the ass its master’s crib: When the attention of thy ears has been caught, it is not the praises of God, in the tuneful voice of Christ’s followers, with its sweet rhythm, and the song of church melody, that are heard, but thine own praises which are nothing ; the voice of the rascally crew yelling forth, like Bacchanalian revellers, full of lies and foaming phlegm, so as to besmear everyone near them.

Ye who love the Lord, hate evil.