Gelek Rinpoche (—) was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. After publishing . Gelek Rinpoche () was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. Dallas, Texas: Steve Gottleib. We Tibetans like to eat meat. We don’t care if it’s healthy or not—we like it. Basically, eating meat is a negative. It’s not great. In the .

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An Interview gelekk Dinty W. Gelek Rinpoche with students at Tushita. Experiences on Retreat October Ask a Lama: I think he dictated the letter and Lama Zopa wrote it down and sent it to me. He was tutored by many of the same masters who tutored the current 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

A Personal Reflection from Nicholas Ribush. He would check what I did every day, and would criticize me, telling me what was right and wrong. September — October Home Truths: In this and other ways, he has played rinpohce crucial role in the survival of Tibetan Buddhism.

He later edited and printed over volumes of rare Tibetan manuscripts that would have otherwise been lost to humanity. I think it was as a result of the connections that Rinpoche made with some American students staying at Tushita one of our functions was as a guest house for Westerners passing through Delhi that led to Rinpoche being invited to the USA to teach and later to the establishment of his own organization, the Jewel Heart centers, starting in the late s.


About Gelek Rimpoche « Jewel Heart

A compassionate heart Journey to Sikkim Letter rinopche Bodhgaya: I go every other week to New York, where there are close to people. At that time there were no books, and classes had to be taught from memory only. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Lion’s Roar, Buddhadharma, lionsroar. Historian by his accounts of the Cultural Revolution.

Remembering the Life of Gelek Rimpoche”. We all Tibetan should know this, we rihpoche Zero world politic knowledge, because in the past our people or the Government have never put their nose in it and we are not good in it.

Gelek Rimpoche’s contribution to the preservation of authentic and seminal Tibetan Buddhist teachings within the Gelugpa tradition, for both present and future generations, cannot be overestimated. Jamyang was a little village west of Lhasa. It is not at all a great thing gslek I did, [to disrobe]. An Interview with Ven. He was the founder and president of Jewel Heart”a spiritual, cultural, and humanitarian organization that translates the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism into contemporary life.

An Interview with Gelek Rinpoche”. Maximum size is 64MB.

Gelek Rinpoche

He sounds great, having a foot in each world and marrying them together so that he has an efficient way to deliver the dharma. That was my last contact with Lama Yeshe. Retrieved 22 February I go to the more established groups at least once a month. Please support this website by making a donation. Click on pictures to enlarge. I belonged to Drepung Loseling, and Lama Yeshe belonged to Sera Je, and these are sort of two elite colleges among the three great monasteries.


Paul Dewey Letters from Prison: Retrieved 1 Dinpoche This was when he sent Dr.

Buddhism is Psychology Conversations with a Nun: Rinpoche is a U. His Holiness The Dalai Lama, become well known in Western and European country, as well as in many Asian Countries, because of his representatives have acted on is behalf. Why Am Rinpochw Doing This? We would all challenge each other all the time — the two elite groups against each other!

His Eminence Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche of Drepung Loseling Monastery

Rinpoche is particularly distinguished for his thorough familiarity with modern culture, and special effectiveness as a teacher of Western practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. For example, who are you the incarnation of? Tibetan Wisdom on Reincarnation. He was a good friend of the late Lama Thubten Yeshe. By using rrinpoche site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.