minutes in an upstairs bathroom after Reid accused the Republicans on air of being slaves to “Frank. Luntz’s talking points.” I can only imagine what he would. “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.” This article explore’s Frank Luntz’s ‘ words that work’ and how they can help bolster web copy. Words That Work has ratings and reviews. William said: Eye-opening! Let’s be clear, Frank Luntz is a tool, and he’s personally responsible for.

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His examples provide insight into how much work is involved behind the scenes to test and re-test until what people hear matches what you are saying the description of how dial sessions work is worth exploring further.

But in reality, what he is saying is to take advantage of the fact that words are imprecise, that the word “blue” conjures up different shades of blue in luntzz listeners’ mind my analogy –and that it all needs context and reference to fully make it persuasive.

Design What Apple needs to fix in and beyond Co.

Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear

Wodds 09, Dillon rated it really liked it Shelves: It is incredibly clear and concise and comprised of small words:. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Frank Luntz may well be one of the “end results” of the path started on by my visiting English Sterling Scholar mentioned above. I know the satisfaction that comes from delivering that decisive verbal blow.


wofds Yes to the speaker. In fact, if people just remember the word ‘Reclaim’ and associate it with Hillary Clinton, it might have been a success.

There is a definite fine line here, particularly within the political arena, of which much of this book is devoted. The list goes on.

Words That Don’t Work

Oct 13, Madeline added it Shelves: The book deals mostly with words in politics. I particularly liked this small part As a beginning textbook for those who want to be able to weed out corporate media propaganda, it’s excellent.

Use catchy word phrases. And it’s remarkable how a lot of political messaging gets it wrong, and as a result doesn’t convey what was intended to the average American.

It’s not the most profound thing ever but it’s amazing wofds many people fail to use these ideas in their communication. Tthat listend on audio, and Interesting, but not exactly what I thought it was.

If you liked this article why not join the others who receive my newsletter? This is so we don’t conflict it w Almost 3 stars. This is a time in our nation’s history where the tax base is the lowest that it has been since the late ‘s, and we do not have the money to pay our debts and provide needed government services.

To renew is to take an important product or corporate commitment and reassert it. This language follows a number of rhetorical principles: I am not in the habit of offering lunz linguistic advice to Democrats.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. To conclude, let me quote trank Orwell’s “” because the following paragraph seems to me to perfectly capture the ethos of this nasty little book: And why was it ever started? However, what Luntz has to say is extremely informative, and regardless about how I feel about his politics, he has definitely changed how I “see” almost any political or social statements.


Words That Don’t Work | HuffPost

Frank Luntz wander with this awful book and how long could I keep reading it. This principle is all about frequency. I suggest reading chapter 1 “The Ten Rules of Effective Language” then skimming the rest unless you find an example particularly tha.

The blogs from the Left and the Right be damned, the real center of America is upset but not bitter, anxious but not fearful, restless but not unforgiving. This is so we don’t conflict it with local government.

Leadership: “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear” – Frank Lun

Some are wwork, like simple language and correct spelling. Though Luntz is famous for the political parts of his career, he claims these communication rules are universal. Much of the book includes anecdotes and references to real-world experiences that the author had with some politician, executive, or other highly visible individual. However, it is not necessary to agree with his politics to get value out of this book.