Flicker (Rediscovered Classics) [Theodore Roszak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the golden age of art movies and underground. Jonathan Gates doesn’t set out to uncover the secret history of the movies – a tale of intrigue, deception and death that stretches back to the fourteenth. I had very mixed feelings about Flicker. It’s a great read, with some wonderfully memorable characters and lots of interesting detail about the film world in the.

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La fel si Diavolul, de fiecare data cand clipesti. This concern, it turns out, was the wrong reaction.

Now republished with added detail and with a film coming, this wonderfully spooky look at Hollywood and film culture offers a reach stretching back to the Catholic Church’s gleefully cruel extermination of the Cathars in the 12th and 13th centures. I don’t think this is done on purpose to create a character, either–I get the feeling this is the author’s voice. Not a horror novel. flicler


He wrote, “Roszak’s name is misspelled on the cover page. If you’re not interested in movies for movies There were parts of this book I so loved. For its unbelievably self-serving nature, its treatment of female characters as grotty wish-fulfillment, and a remarkable absence of substance or plotting, this is a book I can easily give one star to.

Despite a troubling and dated narrative voice and an off-the-rails ending, I greatly enjoyed this book about hidden film imagery and religious conspiracy.

Roszak first came to public prominence inwith the publication of his The Making of a Counter Culture[5] which chronicled and gave explanation to the European and North American counterculture of the s. I do wonder if Marisha Pessl has read this book, because the mood in this is reminiscent of Night Film another book I absolutely adorebut this goes a lot deeper.


But he succumbs to what will be a lifelong obsession with the mysterious Max Castle, a nearly forgotten genius of the silent screen who later became the greatest director of theeodore films, only to vanish in the s, at the height of his talent.

Dec 22, Philip rated it did not like it. This story has, at its heart, a secret society. Crammed to overflowing with film lore and history, Flicker is both a crash course in film theory and a horrifying thriller that makes itself known not through any blood and gore but a very tangible creeping dread that suffuses nearly every page.

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Flicker | Theodore Roszak | No Exit Press

After you follow Jonathan into the void on the far side of the silver screen, you will learn why movies have such a powerful, hypnotic hold over us. Living in a nearby hut is none other than Max Castle himself, more than 30 years after his disappearance at the hands of the Cathar cultists. And really wanted to read other things afterwards.

When our narrator awakes in the most unlikely theocore places with the most unlikely companion the novel stumbles from the ridiculous into the absurd. Gates begins to suspect that the Orphans are using their extensive influence in the film industry to subliminally promote their religion while they enact their plans to bring about the Apocalypse in the year via riszak terrorism.

Gates and the film director he once idolised use scraps and castoffs from a waste-heap of old celluloid to splice together one final film, while they wait for Armageddon to come. I did not see this book coming. The female characters are entirely filtered through whether the main character wants to bang them or not, even in the case of his first girlfriend who is supposed to be a kind of intellectual mentor.


Jonathan Gates learns film in bed wile muffing Clare, who writes programme notes for the films at the Classic, and who becomes someone not dissimilar in influence from Pauline Kael.

FLICKER by Theodore Roszak | Kirkus Reviews

Alas, we are left with endless descriptions of non-existent movies that go on for pages and pages. And yet despite all this and a prolonged and theodorr, masterful suspense, Flicker was compelling. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Rozak his films are nothing special, B movies of the worst sort filmed with little budget and no name actors destined for late night television airings, Gates finds something hidden within the director’s films that points to a talent, and an underlying philosophy, that compels him to search for the source of who Castle was rszak why his films are still cutting edge works of art over thirty years later.

From the golden theoore of art movies and underground cinema to X-rated porn and splatter films and midnight movies, Flicker, is a breathtaking tour de force of cinematic fact and fantasy, a thriller and a metaphysical mystery that will haunt the dreams of every moviegoer.

The reader is left with a feeling of despair and impotence in the face of a potentially global threat. Currently Out of Stock Extent: Sep 23, Becca Balistreri rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dec 27, Elizabeth K.

After trying three times to read this book, I’m figuring it’s just not for me.