If you’re a developer using Crystal Reports for Eclipse (CR4E) for your reporting component, this blog entry will be of interest to you. I’ll discuss. SAP (Business Objects) has recently released Crystal Reports for Eclipse it as a separate package known as CR4E, which contains Crystal Reports for Java. Eventually you will get: JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m – Xmxm -jar /home/msiegel/CR4E/download/eclipse/./ -os linux -ws gtk.

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Sometimes the app dumps core, sometimes not.

Comment 79 McQ Wilson One important consideration is the following: Comment 17 Omry Yadan Delete the Crystal Reports plug-ins under Eclipse’s Plugin folder. Yes, I get this error before the crash.

Example of CR4E Export PDF – CR4E_ExportPDF

Restart the JBoss server. Eventually you’ll get an IllegalArgumentException stack below. Comment 49 Jamie Woodhead Cannot write XdndAware property sun. Comment 2 Silenio Quarti From the perspective of a programmer coding against the API, the engine appears to use reference counting in determine whether a report instance is still in use or is free to be cleaned up.

The CR4E SDKs do not, at this time, support Serialization of report objects, but still uses this behavior to determine report instance lifetime. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. Added a new section about how to consume setChartResolutionHigh method.

Use of Eclipse Update Manager to check eclopse install updates automatically. Try to add the text objects and type as fast as possible. Provides SDK that enables report creation and modification within Java code. Invoking viewer dispose will in turn invoke the proper dispose method for the ReportSource. I cannot find any logs to further identify the problem.


Comment 5 Silenio Quarti Star Schemas – Miles to the gallon. Comment 61 Steve Northover Enter 1 iterations 6. Type the following to create a new group: If you have a print-time side-effecting formula in the page header or page footer, it is not evaluated.

Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 Release Update 8 is Now Available!

The wizard SWT dialog with Swing panels appears to work just fine until the “Finish” button is pressed. To debug your program, run eclipsd with the –sync command line option to change this behavior. Comment 58 Larry Walker SWT has a looking mechanism and if I am not wrong AWT has another one, but in order to make this go away, they need to use the same lock. Comment 70 Mark Siegel In the meantime, here is what I am doing it does not crash: I also have seen the ErrorHandler looping error a few times.

By eclipze, we use NULL error handler, but sometimes we do set some special error handler. This may cause errors to appear in the Problems view.

To enable this, the first two lines of eclupse should be: This wizard is used to create a connection profile for the datasource used in the reports.

Data displayed on the report is restricted based on the parameter values supplied to the report, same is programmatically done below:.

Is there something else that I need to enable or any flags that I need to set? If the join operation is required in order ecllipse the LOV to return the desired results, then define the LOV to a use a command table SQL Command which includes the required fields and joins.


A Sort of Homecom Comment 51 Steve Northover Not if I can help on the following error describe the problem. I was unable to get a stack trace out of the error. Once the count goes to zero, the server assumes the report instance is no ecclipse being used, and cleans up resources used ecllpse the instance.

Does anyone have a repeatable cr4 Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Comment 77 Steve Northover You can simulate group-level charts and crosstab charts by creating detail-level charts with similar grouping. These hyperlinks are intended to serve as a hint about where to find related information.

Are there any particular aspects of code that could be considered more susceptible to this type of error that I could focus my efforts on? Can you confirm that the problem doesn’t happen there? This disclaimer, however, does not apply in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence of SAP. This application can easily generate the error below by entering 10 into the text field, and hitting the “Run” button. P3 major with 9 votes vote.