In addition to word processors, Bookends makes it easy to integrate your work DEVONthink, Scrivener, SlipBox, and OmniOutliner so that you can instantly. I have my Bookends attachment folder in iCloud and when I try to index my pdfs with Devonthink Pro it does not not respond. When I contacted. Several folks raved about the tight integration between Bookends and Devonthink as well as Bookends and Tinderbox—two other programs I.

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Do you guys have experience with them? The smart folder filters for items from my university website, which have no date or creator, the keyboard maestro macro requires me to set the number of items it should process and then goes through and uses the “click at image” action to set both the author and the date of the item in question.

I have the same question as stringer. Previous Post Next Post.

Write your project with steps 1 and 2. Highlights app was the closest to that kind of workflow. Cancel reply Enter your comment here But more importantly Devonthink finds related content based on the context of my original query. Which field exactly do you want to get copied? Otherwise, as I am more using Bookends more, I am getting more surprises how a reference manager could be so rich and so capable. Both are not good for a larger collection of pdf files. Bookends has some amazing magic to find the attachments.


Do I have to manually import each article?

My Migration from Papers to Bookends By jeffrey. Finder replace that works across the whole library; batch changing of reference types, batch inserting data. I have also tried iAnnotate.

My Migration from Papers to Bookends

Have you any notes or insights on the transfer process. About this devonthijk Welcome to our President’s idea of what a company blog should look like. I encourage you to try with a sample data first. You can make Bookends to work with your Latex file directly. The interface, although not as modern as Papers, is cleaner and more organized.

After that, however, Bookends will automatically import any PDFs added to the watch folder while it was inactive i. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To fix these items I have a very useful smart folder and Keyboard Maestro Macro. This is debonthink horrible. I started exploring alternatives to Papers. Posted by Administrator – on Oct bookencs, Category: This would work almost the same: June 26, at You should not try unless you really understand how the database in Devonthink and the attachement system in BE work.


Bookends is hand in glove with both Devonthink and Tinderbox. The more I use it, the more I like it.

I am playing with it. Only later when I copy the exerpt the reference belongs to into the writing app and the text is finished, I scan it with Bookends to give it its final format. In my opinion, so far, the most reliable 3rd party app for most use and that supports Document Provider the way Apple intended, is Documents bookenvs Readle. Archive for the integration Tag.

Where Bookends rocks – Dellu

Sente or Zotero would get fine. Well, it is not. So the citations I have, I have to copy them manual from Bookends into my excerpt. Bookends has, literally, hundreds of fields that one can use. After digging deep into the software, I decided to migrate from Papers to Bookends.