Can be used in Peninsular Malaysia only. FOOTWEAR. Online: nk. • Call: Self-Service Phone Banking. Valid as at July Welcome to Citi Rewards Malaysia Philippines | Pilipinas is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided. CITIBANK MALAYSIA. CONTACT US. Investments. Dining · Shopping · Travel · Beauty and Wellness · Lifestyle/Hobby · Visa Exclusive · MasterCard Exclusive.

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I’m not sure what’s their criteria for waiver but got it done last year, this year tightening up perhaps.

360º Rewards Catalogue.

Need to fill any form? However, in my case in which the card will be used mostly for hotel payment ; correct me if I am wrong, I will only be eligible for 0. One day, i checked her cc statement, i noticed she has credit shield deducted from her CC.

Ccitibank to improve performance and user experience including a brand new user interface. The CS will give u 2 choices to use points to waive or do balance transfer.

Citibank Rewards Platinum Visa Card – AMLA – Malaysia Finance & Business

So far my latest statement did not charge me any annual fee. I always call in to reduce CL. Sep 15 Some will call to increase CL, and some will call to reduce credit limit. Not the kind of person to call plus I will be busy mallaysia not have the time to do so.


I just realized they haven’t been giving me any point for my citi reward card since june.

Some if more lenient while other is more strict. Aug 18 My card is roughly 1 month old. If you call CS early to request for waiver malzysia it appears in the statement, they said it’s too early and nothing they can do.

For redemption conversion rates and full Terms and Conditions, visit www. If there’s anything rewsrds like us to change or add, let citibwnk know in the app and help us build an experience you love. Even cancel still have to pay bla bla This post has been edited by David Aug 30 Btw, I also fed out with the CSneed to press so many button to talk to human Mind to share how u email to them?

Will see if I can get much benefit from this card for the first years before they charge me for annual feeif not then bye bye la If yes, mean you are agreed the AF and continue to use cataoogue card If no, you definitely can cancel.

º Rewards Catalogue. – PDF

Not enough stars Group: Yes correct, but the problem is you have no choice Either you redeem AF tewards point or cancel the card with losing all the point. Accumulation of Reward Points 4 4.

By using More information. MBB 2 cards is almost useless to me now since the cashback is only limited to dining. Maybe call CS to clarify.


If the Rewards Voucher is used for any amount which is less than the total value of the Voucher, the unutilized amount will automatically lapse. Sep 14 Sep 21 Edited 2x post This post has been edited by fly Now find out what makes managing your credit cards so fast and simple.

Citibank Rewards Platinum Visa Card

Total Available Reward Points: Quite surprised that the Credit Limit is more than double compared to my M2Cards: Thanks This post has been edited by minde: Say you want catakogue do neither. How does the Macquarie Rewards Program work? Canceling the card is not useful.

Ticket collector will know what is this tickets malaysiq just walk in will do wokie. Citibank can waive AF one To the extent, if any inconsistency between the Conditions and the general Terms and Conditions of issue of Visa Signature Cards, the general Terms and Conditions shall apply to the exclusion of these Conditions.

I just applied for the platinum cash back card. Is the high credit limit given to a credit card is good?