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The QuickBooks Data Migration Extension

If you are using value added tax VATyou may need to add a business posting group and a product posting group to the posting setup so that you can post VAT amounts. The tool will connect to your QuickBooks application and export ceuntas applicable data to a. We do not update partially paid amounts.

Customers Vendors Items Chart of Accounts Beginning Balance transactions in General Ledger On-hand Quantities for Inventory Items Open documents for customers and vendors, such as invoices, credit memos and payments We migrate only full amounts on sales and purchase documents. This extension makes it easy cuenhas migrate customers, vendors, items, and accounts from QuickBooks to Business Central. The QuickBooks Data Migration extension is installed and ready to go as an integrated part of the Data Migration assisted setup guide.


Choose Migrate business dataand then follow the steps in the guide. There are a few things in particular that you should do: Make sure that account numbers are assigned to your accounts in Cuetnas.

After cuentqs migrate data, transactions have the status Unposted, so you can review them and make adjustments. For example, the accounts where you post transactions for:.

To review the transactions, go to the page where you would normally find them. QuickBooks does not store the current balance for all accounts, so you might need to correct beginning balances. For example, if a customer has paid of a total of dollars on a sales invoice, we migrate the full It’s a good idea to plan this mapping before you migrate data.

Note Currently the data exporter tool only works with QuickBooks and We migrate only full amounts on sales and purchase documents. If you have received partial payments, you must update these manually, either before or after you migrate data.

If you are ready to get started now, and have exported your data from QuickBooks, choose the icon, enter Fle Setupand then choose the related link. Verify the beginning balances for accounts in the general ledger. We recommend that you apply outstanding transactions before you migrate, just to make things easier afterward. If the transactions in QuickBooks had markup or discount amounts, you must manually add the fule to the related transactions in Business Central before you post them. For example, to review unposted sales invoices, go to the Sales Invoices page.


If your business uses QuickBooks today, you can export the relevant information and then open an assisted setup guide to upload the data to Business Central. To review payment journals, go to the Payment Journals page.

Using the QuickBooks Migration Extension – Business Central | Microsoft Docs

If transactions in QuickBooks have tax amounts, you must set up a tax account for your tax jurisdictions in Business Central before you can post transactions. Business Central requires that general ledger accounts have account numbers assigned to them.

An important part of the migration process is to cataloho the accounts to migrate transactions to. In order to get your data out of the QuickBooks desktop application you will need to download the Microsoft Data Exporter Tool. Note We do not migrate purchase orders or sales orders.