Elbert Leander “Burt” Rutan Credentials B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, officials should avoid implementing climate change policy because it. Burt Rutan and Climate Change. In early , The Wall Street Journal published a letter supposedly from 16 scientists saying there was no need to worry about. In his study (Google burt rutan climate change), he draws upon real data atmospheric CO2, past global climate changes, the pacific decadal.

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Who said climate skeptics’ hunches don’t pack a punch? | Environment | The Guardian

Retrieved July 8, In reality, because its emissions endanger public health and welfare through its impacts on climate change, by definition CO2 is a pollutant according to the US Clean Air Act.

InRutan and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen announced byrt Stratolauncha space launch carrier aircraft built by Scaled Composites for Allen’s Stratolaunch Systems to carry air launch to orbit rockets. After development work, it was reengined with a Continental O modified to include liquid cooling as the pusher engine and a Continental O as the tractor engine.

Electric motors provide propulsion, while two gasoline engines drive generators that keep the juice flowing. Byron Smith at Archived from the original PDF on October 25, Retrieved January 16, Login via the left margin or if you’re new, register here.

The pusher engine ran continuously, the tractor engine was used for take-off and initial climb to altitude, then was shut down. A departure from the canard design was the Boomerangperhaps one of the unconventional designer’s most unconventional aircraft. The aircraft was built and tested before delivery to the customer. Archived from the original on May 18, Its first flights were in Archived from the original on September 27, Full Coverage and Investigation”.


It has a claimed electric-only range of 35 miles. In reality, it’s the same sort of Gish Gallop we’ve come to expect from climate denialists.

Aside from continuing to misunderstand that the “missing heat” is about having an inadequate global climate observational network mainly because we don’t have good measurements of deep ocean heatobservational data have demonstrated that water vaporand likely cloudsare indeed positive feedbacks.

And speaking of psychological projection – Rutan’s schtick is big on AGW communicators engaging in “data presentation fraud” which he argues inappropriately scares the punters – but dhange own anti-AGW slide deck is so full chqnge it, it’s difficult to find one single slide discussing science that presents a fair view of the data. US Centennial of Flight Commission. The film showcases scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and others who are sceptical of the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming.

Retrieved October 27, It has two electric motors with forward-folding reversible propellers to simplify rutab and give optional takeoff power.

Burt Rutan | DeSmogBlog

The Price of Passion — Minijets. An explosion at the Scaled Composite factory at the Mojave Spaceport on July 26,which killed three engineers and seriously injured three others, may have contributed to the delay.

Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy. His first design, executed while he was still at Bede, was the VariViggen, a two-seat pusher single-engine craft of canard configuration.


Mega-Mothership Set for Rollout Debut”. The op-ed then repeats the old “CO2 isn’t a pollutant” myth.

When hell freezes over? It developed into the A, which is produced by Adam Aircraft Industries.

These are apparently the best and brightest the climate denialists can come up with these days? Rutan was approached by his brother Dick about designing an airplane that could fly nonstop, unrefueled around the world, something that had never been done before.

It was retired after testing.

Who said climate skeptics’ hunches don’t pack a punch?

Why do they get to be considered experts while the rest of us are treated as anything less? Views Read Edit View history. The scientific consensus on the climate HOAX An excellent presentation disputing man-made global warming using nothing but pure science and statistics by Professor Bob Carter Australian geologist. If this is the best today’s climate fake skeptics can do, perhaps, as Patrick Michaels suggeststhey are losing the battle.

Burt Rutan and Climate Change

Link fixed tmac57 at In Decemberthey took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and flew around the world westward in nine days, fulfilling the aircraft’s design goals.

He also wrote a book titled The Greatest Hoax: Two derivatives of the Quickie were climwte developed, both expanded to include two seats. Hennigan April 1,