“Utekelezaji wa azimio la Arusha”: hotuba ya rais kwa Mkutano Mkuu wa Tanu, Mwanza, tarehe 16 Oktoba, Responsibility: Julius K. Nyerere. Language. Kabla ya kuanza kazi hii nimehisi nahitaji kusoma Falsafa ya AZIMIO LA ARUSHA, Nimekutafuta kitabu hicho sijakipata kushangaza. Get this from a library! Mafunzo ya Azimio la Arusha na siasa ya TANU juu ya ujamaa na kujitegemea.. [TANU (Organization). Idara ya Elimu ya Siasa.].

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And in order to distribute the national wealth rairly, it is necessary for everybody to work to the maximum of his ability.

And it is from these fortunate failures that our movements are finding traction. But now the Aziio Executive feels that the time has come when lq should put more emphasis on the beliefs of our Party and arksha policies of socialism. We must not forget that people who live in towns can possibly become the exploiters of those who azimoi in the rural areas. Nobody should go and stay for a long time with his relative, doing no work, because in doing so he will be exploiting his relative.

The first duty of a TANU member, and especially of a TANU leader, is to accept these socialist principles, and to live his own life in accordance with them. We expect to get money through this method. In contrast, education for self-reliance would be modeled on the governing ideology of Ujamaa articulated in the Arusha Declaration. Such a loan has repayment conditions attached to it, covering such factors as the time period for which it is available and the rate of interest.

This is true The day when we have lots of money we shall be able to say we are a developed country. It is even worse when the loans they are asked to repay have not benefited the majority of the people but have only benefited a small minority.

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The truth is that in the villages the women work very hard. We should always bear this in mind.

Arusha Declaration Monument

Even when we have merely started discussions with a foreign government or institution for a gift, a loan, or a new industry, we make an announcement — even though we do not know the outcome of the discussions.

If the minority governments of Rhodesia or South Africa controlled arksha owned the entire economies of these respective countries, the result would be a strengthening of oppression, not the building of socialism.

The policy of TANU is to build a socialist state. Since the Party was founded we have put great emphasis on getting as many members as possible. From now on we shall stand upright and walk forward on our feet rather than look at this problem upside down.

The school concretized the conception of the expert, an individual who would spend most of their childhood and young adult life not working, or accumulating skills necessary for social and economic survival, but rather acquiring a particular technical skill that would ensure a job and a high salary in the modern economy of the city.

Money, and the wealth it represents, is the result and not the basis of development. And we can produce such cash crops as sisal, cotton, coffee, tobacco, pyrethrum, tea, etc. If one calls on the Government to spend more, one is in effect calling on the Government to increase taxes.

It is a mistake because we do not have the means to establish many modern industries in our country.

This was the right policy during the independence struggle. But in fact, such a World Government does not exist.

Azimio la Elimu: A reflection on education for self-reliance | Pambazuka News

Every Ministry puts forward very good development plans. It is not normal for a young country to start with such a short azimil week. At times they work for 12 or 14 hours a day. We will continue to use money; and each year we will use more money for the various development projects than we uscd the previous year because this will be one of the signs of our development.


You have to give consideration to the ability to repay. Now we want a revolution — a revolution which brings an end to our weakness, so that we are never again exploited, oppressed, or humiliated.

Arusha Declaration – Wikipedia

At the time of writing Education for Self RelianceNyerere felt that decolonization in education had not interrogated the fundamental basis for its existence; its capitalist and colonial underpinnings which arusa its purpose. When another Member of Parliament asks what the Government is doing about the shortage of roads, schools or hospitals in his constituency, he also expects the Government to tell him that it has specific plans to build roads, schools and hospitals in his constituency — with Arysha.

One azimil we use to try and avoid a recognition of the need to increase taxes if we want to have more money for development, is to think l terms of getting the extra money from outside Tanzania.

The policy of inviting a chain of capitalists to come and establish industries in our country might succeed in giving us all the industries we need but it would also succeed in preventing the establishment of socialism unless we believe that without first building capitalism, we cannot build socialism. It would be appropriate to ask our farmers, especially the men, how many hours a week and how many weeks a year they work.

The mistake we are making is to think that development begins with industries.