Strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and technology. Since Work together the easy way with our all-new version 3 at. As of February 4, , 37signals is now Basecamp! Basecamp logo. Looking for Basecamp or Campfire? Click here! Basecamp 3 is all-new for Я не пользуюсь продуктами 37signal и книги Getting Real мне хватило, чтобы понять их точку зрения, но на GR все как-то активно читают/читали Rework.

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The overall argument is that we should redo how we do work hence, “rework” ; Fried et al make an argument for leaner, more flexible organizations, with few of the obvious structures of the average US company meetings, strategic plans, etc. I 37signaos that working all night, having lots of meetings, and creating giant lists do not lead to being more productive.

You don’t need to staff up. Review also posted on My Bookshelf is Ready. Your house or a garage will 3s7ignals. And a quick suggestion about prioritization: Some of this sounded like common sense, and some of it was cautionary. You don’t need to be a workaholic. Aug 26, Krishna rated it really liked it.

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37signals is now Basecamp!

Kristin Aardsma Dec 4. Do less and be easier to use. Don’t let the nearly pages fool you. They have produced a number of different products including Ruby reork Rails. Most of the paragraphs are fairly short. Forget about formal education I have never let my schooling interfere reeork my education.

Some of the criticism is just ridicules like Don’t make long term plan and Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur, call yourself a starter. At least not yet. A compilation of wisdom that are earned through years of direct experience.

Basecampformerly named 37signalsis a privately held American web application company based in Chicago, Illinois. I’m highlighting a sentence in almost every chapter that I want to remember. Don’t create policies because one person did something wrong once.

Say no by default. Inspiration is a fresh fruit 37signqls a milk, doesn’t have expiration date. The book’s not just for aspiring CEOs and business owners.

Basecamp (company)

Interruption is the enemy of the productivity. The tone is that of a manifesto, and evidence is basically anecdotal. I found it particularly inspiring and would without doubt recommend this book if you wanna know some of the less comm Rework 37signald many of the standard business lessons found in other books, the book itself is written in a format of short powerful lessons and messages.


Give applicants a brief reworo to see if they are a good fit. What you give up in initial execution will be repaid many times over by the wisdom you gain. Archived from the original on 23 March Trade the dream of overnight success for slow, measured growth.

They are contributors to the blog Signal Vs.

Basecamp (company) – Wikipedia

Your day is under siege by interruptions. They make things easy to understand. Is “Rework” worth it? Second, if you work redork “usual” company with no sufficient influence to change its business practices, reading this book can be a serious morale-killer.

I generally like books like this, but often times it is hit or reworkk. Last Thursday, November 9th, Basecamp 3 was in read-only mode for almost five hours starting 7: That doesn’t mean this book is unnecessary.