Tattooed Hunks Safe Frigging - Showering Gays Safe Frigging

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Sarasmad: Your are dating a Turkish woman and you're not Turkish? Her brothers and father had already stomped your face by now!

Toscane Moses: So that means I'm Russian?

Nanana Kelsae: Dos this goes to all scandinavian women ? or just danish women ?

Laura Noir: I like the way they settle the argument very quickly because it's kinda hard to find people like these nowadays. Sometimes it can take up to months to settle.

Manny Tellier: Without watching the video I would say big boobs , butt , long skinny legs . And nice smile

Rick Backlane: Hey, Great Channel, and awesome videos.

Tattooed Hunks Safe...
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Tattooed Hunks Safe Frigging

Any gay guys that go to Middlesex University?

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  1. I thought vaginas were just a tiny pinprick like hole, and was shocked by the horrible truth.

  2. Shoulda put a warning in the title about that phone call. . . It brought back fucked up memories

  3. I used to hate feminism but Lacy showed me the way.I think she might actually be a real Goddess.

  4. when you need some smarty vids and think LACI GREEN! then you get a JAWZERCISE commercial. uh. lol

  5. That's why the institution of marriage was invented to protect women which IRONICALLY being destroyed by feminism.

  6. Laci, you may say that no one is perfect, but you're pretty frickin close. Keep being awesome!

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