Identical Twins One Gay One Straight - Scientists find DNA differences between gay men and their straight twin brothers

The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. While scientists do not know the exact cause of...

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Identical Twins One Gay One Straight

How Can This Turn Out Good?

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Eight major studies of selfsame twins in Australia, the U. Whitehead worked during the New Zealand direction as a scientific researcher for 24 years, years ago spent four years moving for the United Nations and International Atomic Dash Agency. Most recently, he serves as a counselor to Japanese universities nearby the effects of emanation exposure.

His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics. Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If homosexuality is caused during genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay. But the studies reveal something else.

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