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The internal affairs function is an important part of the disciplinary process of any organization. Internal affairs function is simply the investigation of complaints against employees, sworn and non-sworn.

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The responsibility to receive complaints of alleged misconduct by way of Chicago police officers rests with COPA. For more information, watch this video in English or Spanish. The Police Board decides disciplinary matters involving allegations of serious misconduct made against members of the Chicago Police Department. The Board has the guilt to:. See Allegations of Police Misconduct: Section of the Municipal Code of Chicago requires the Board to post on this website its Findings and Decisions in disciplinary cases.

Below are the Findings and Decisions definite in:. Go to the Archives for the Findings and Decisions of cases decided in previous months. Currently before the Protect Board are the following cases in which the Superintendent of Police has filed charges against a member of the Chicago Police Department unless noted below, the Supervisor recommended that the fellow be discharged from the Chicago Police Department.

A copy of the charges filed in a exactly case is available by means of clicking on the instance number below. Unless on the other hand indicated, hearings are scheduled to begin at

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