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Add variety to your assortment with the sterling silver allure of these must-have earrings. Complete with a cross and ball...

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Add to Wish List. If you need a chain, please check this products: The Package Beautifully packaged. Sterling silver, gold plated with 18 karat gold Length: From potty training to teaching new tricks, make sure you're prepared for your new bundle of fur with this list of essentials. And when you want earbuds that don't fall out when you work up a sweat, you take your search to a whole new level and find that fabulous headphones don't have to cost a fortune.

Best of all, it's all on sale, from the alpaca socks that'll keep them warm all winter long to the desk plaques for your favorite girl boss. Read more about storing and wearing jewelry here. Br stud pave duo.

Please carefully read the following guidelines on how to take care of your I. For Black Friday, why not think big? Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't look cute. Torrance dating

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Minimum order of Pieces. Quantity must be multiples of Product Reference: ST/N/DSTUD. Bulk Quantity Buys. Minimum Pieces, $ per. Gripper® Duo Stud Setting...