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Youcef Toun: The french girl has a non-french accent :/

Rara Avis: Please make a *You Know You Are Dating a Carribean woman please!

Oussama Zgaw: Based on one picture, 4, 2, 3


Toto Wolff: The Brasilian Portuguese it was much worst than the French, it would had been nice to actually hear a Brasilian or Portuguese (they are totally different when it comes to accent).but well it was funny to watch :)

FlymanMS: German woman might be more direct, but not in that kind of way.

Great Joy: But. what about the salt?

Zoraya Seeram: This is all quite petty and sad.

Tema_buraz: Why TF have I not heard of this channel till now?

Ceyda Kilic: Most attractive body: The girl that's all legs.

Black Dudes Safe Frigging Cumming

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Luke Garrett: Portugal is basically Spain

Syneraxx: It's pretty similar in Slovakia imho :)


Lury651: Marina killing it with those sexy looks.

Goshujin-sama: Loved this video so much! Everything you said was spot on. I've been working on a What I learned in the Philippines video and pretty much have what you mentioned. Only you did it better! I've got to show this to my amazing Filipina girlfriend. Great job!


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