I Like To Cum - 18 Men Reveal How Important Being Able To Cum Inside A Girl Without A Condom Is To Them

Some comments in another thread made me want to post this…someone talked about a guy who gets super hard right before cumming. What's a hot thing a...

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Condoms suck, monogamous dependencys with birth curb are great. I hope I not at any time have to go to the toilet back.

Sex out-of-doors a condom is so much larger than sex with a condom. And finishing inside the woman feels fast for both of you. If contraception is otherwise entranced care of, condoms are verboten. No worries about pregnancy takes a portion of stress out-moded of it! And bareback sex just now rocks. Raw bonking feels really clever, but protected coitus feels better than no sex at all. It besides means that you have to break off what feels proper at the go out of one's way to where it feels best.

As allowing for regarding condoms… well they are fucking intimate for preventing STDs and pregnancies, but aside from that they fucking suck. To me at least there is a world of difference between making love with a condom and sex outdoors.

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I Like To Cum
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Never could figure it out. But omg, it's hot as heck when he does that! Just a little top-heavy. I used to orally service on a regular basis a young artist who rented a studio in my neighborhood.

A powerful moan, groan or deep breath that's so primal and intense and then, the gentle whimper of ecstasy. LOL I think R47 is my old fuck buddy. And I know he's getting close to cumming when he says 'so close baby, so close'.

LOL I think R47 is my old fuck buddy. Condoms are the one thing that completely kills any interest in casual sex for me. Ten years ago, I dated a guy that used to fart just before he came. Just so you know, I'm the poster the OP is referring to, and I was describing how Robert Hays would get very hard right before he would come as I blew him.

Weeps and cries, "Jesus, forgive me! When my BF is about to blow in my hole he whimpers and moans "oh you dirty, dirty boy what are you doing to me? Bridgeport dating

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14 thoughts on “Hampton dating I Like To Cum

  1. For a long part, the only thing that I've seen from you is that you were not willing to listen to anyone with opposite views.

  2. If Sam was doing this to (straight guys in the street would it just be a prank?В Would the guys be ok with it?

  3. You just have to watch enough porn to realise size doesn't matter, coz those girls don't act one bit. right? RIGHT!

  4. Great vid Laci! Cranberry juice is also great for UTI's but make sure you get the ones with no added sugar.

  5. 2. U threatened to punch a man for talking to u instead of just telling him you're not interested

  6. However, we need to come up with a better judiciary system that deals with cases of rape.

  7. Everyone raped me. Statistically there's only 2-8 chance the entire population of earth including infants are not rapists

  8. Not everyone cares about sex as much as you do. Sex still feels great to me so I don't care. :D

  9. just get someone to kick you in the balls real hard. you will last for hours in bed.

  10. having watched the show 'spartacus'. i can concur.gladiator games were nothing more than the power trip of the elite upper class.

  11. Isn't it cute when girls think their opinion matters? Don't worry Laci, guys will figure it out for you.

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