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Ayesha Curry: Red flag for woman dating a man is splitting the bill ? Nice. I'll let you have 1 of the bill next time!

Reroreromello: Australian girl agrees

W3stern S1av: That girl from Jordan jesssuuuuuss christtttttt

Beatriz Dias: Fodeuuu laughed my ass off with those guys XDD and ye as a Portuguese girl I'd say overall we are a bit hard to approach,we tend to be very cautious and like to play hard to get

Juan Dalbon: Im 29 and i look younger

Damn, Son: Que mentira kkkkkkkkkkkklkkk


Robert B: You know you are dating an Italian woman when her two brothers suddenly turn up, beat the shit out of you, and take her away.

Ana Karina: The Irish blonde is the prettiest but she doesn't look sophisticated or polished.

Antoine De MM: Greek woman only for greeks when she fucks withe a stranger she is a whore

Vivi Kuran: Cheating isn't ok in France at all!

Karol Franz: In that video language wasn't important but the way he represented. Of course she chooses most passionable fraces like I love you so much

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  2. This won't fix itself overnight. But protect who you can, and discourage who you can. Eventually it will get better.

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