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Everyone has their own sexual desires — but not everyone likes to talk about them, feeling ashamed or embarrassed, worried that they may be judged. But in reality, loads...

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Vincent: I think you should start a lgbt series! Would be really cool

RexorGamer: Can't realize how in 2017 people could trust in those videos. wake up people, the world is much different than what you think

Milka Diaz: Aww wish they would have set some actual rules for this experiment. Should have been languages specifically, not accents. And they should have all read the same poem/passage translated to the language (and not sang it). but outside of completely straying from the scientific method, cute video. lol.

Hussain A: The Greek lady is Greek tho, you can tell it by how CLEARLY AND CORRECTLY SHE TALKS!


Paloma Bieber: What I really need to know is.are ya having that?

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White Guy Wanking With Finger In His Butt

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  1. Entirely shaved pubes are very unsexy to me because then it looks like the girl was 10 yo and I am not into that.

  2. Its hard to describe i don t know how other people feel sexual attraction but for me its sort of toned down.

  3. I'm a feminist because, to my knowledge, in my home state it is not legally possible for a man to be raped.

  4. 3:30 The only way lesbian porn is heterosexual is if you stereotype both lesbians and heteros and assume that lesbians can't be sensual or feminine.

  5. Not asking for me, I'm a relationship guy. But hookup culture might need a good solid metric for this sort of thing.

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