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My boyfriend of five years and I are in our 50s. He sounds perfect, but I caught him in a huge five-year lie. I am a very strict vegan.

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Rejected by my friend twice - Is getting with her impossible?

In any relationship there are differences to navigate but how does it work when one partner's a dedicated plant eater and the other loves lamb roast? One partner often, but not always.

Remember there was probably a time when you were unaware of the issues around eating animal products yourself, so accept that everyone is on their own path," says Taylor, a vegan herself. Often drilling facts into people makes them defensive and is more likely to result in their own beliefs becoming more ingrained. I find non-vegetarians think that tofu and beans are bland and boring, so using them in creative ways can open their eyes to what plant-based food actually is.

And be grateful for baby steps. Just reducing meat intake is still beneficial — remember that they've been eating meat and dairy for their whole life and change can be difficult," she adds.

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He focuses on avoiding conflicts and troubles, what should I do?





The planet wants you to stop eating so much meat and dairy | Grist - Indianapolis singles

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Go find yourself a nice vegan. Breaking news Police officer was run over trying to stop Darfield gunman's car, driver was shot at by police I confronted him and he lied, but then I showed him the pictures I took of the fridge, and showed him his keys, which he forgot he gave me. One partner often, but not always. I don't like to push people.

What Fiona and her partner found helpful was a seminar given by a psychologist on communication in vegan-meat eater relationships. She eats plants, he wants meat — how dating a vegetarian or vegan can benefit you. Grand Rapids hookup

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