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The McKenna family must cope with the passing of its much-loved patriarch, Patrick. Hope appears in the form of a book called...

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Rhi Gel: Now i want merry a russian woman.

Rocke Feller: Omg im Albanian this video is so true!

Brandon Leon: This is amazing!

Deathlox 2004: What is the music at the very beginning?

Jing Sun: Hani was the most physically attractive girl in this whole video. She is so naturally gorgeously, it's breath taking. That being said every girl in this video is beautiful. I'm not Trying to sound cheesy but I can find physical beauty in any women who is a good person. Personality really is everything.

AquaStone LPS: You know you're dating a Bengali when.

TGC_Red: I honestly think this would be for every women, no matter where they are from.

James Sarvan: I love the dominican

Notrelevant 2: A feminine woman only grows through praise,love,and recognition,she needs to feel needed,wanted and desired upon.

Ana Noel: Tasteful, funny and true! Ochin xopowo. :)

Akatharia: Beautifull video and mesmerising performance.

Ritza Robelo: Manlet so proud getting some colored women

Nikita Blinov: German girls are one of the best looking in the world. I've been to Germany few times and even the men almost make me gay. There is something special about Nordics. Good looking, civilized, representative. Makes me sad to see the country ruined by Merkel cunt and migrant trash genome.

Cheshire Cat: I am from the Philippines and I love this video. It is very informative.

  • Directed and conceived by Melanie Martinez Cinematography by Josh McKie Produced by Wes Teshome Set design by Holly Trotta Production....
  • Paramore's music video for 'Rose-Colored Boy' from the album, After Laughter - available now on Fueled By...
  • The Virtual Boy [a] is a bit table-top video game console developed and manufactured...
Boy Video

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John Mosbrook: Ok so once again as a foreigner living in France for more than 10 years, I'ma give you my real unbiased opinion. French people don't take showers not true at all. They take showers like any other country.

Raven Lunacy: Sooooo, sooooo true.

Frank Feazell: I'm brazilian and i'm not this kinda dog.

Rafaellp: They included Greek!

Travioli TV.: Name of the Show Asking Former Slaws who live for ages in the US about opinions.

Alexis Esther: Where the hell is Colombia!

Tabatha N.: P.S. However, you had to give him mamaliga, sarmale or mici, not salad :))

Juan Dalbon: I am from Sweden and I was so suprised when she started singing a song I now in swedish

Pedro Parga: One thing you need to know about brazilian men : we make fun of everything . Get used to being called fat, even though you're not.

Tais M.: If you have problems with men or women in your home country, you will face the same problems any where else.

Mad Kill: NO! Russia has numerous climate zones from very hot to very cold so unless I lived in damn Siberia its not that cold!

Gaby Prieto: Did anyone have to look up what siesta meant?

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The Boys refer to it as 'the final Main concert. Fortunately I don't be informed why I was dreaming close by you but I do experience that I was dancing after you Next you smiled and I was exhausted You deceived by in solicitude Why figure on the cost?

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Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy (Video ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In select theaters now, Beautiful Boy chronicles the heartbreaking and inspiring experience of...