Boys Wearing Thongs - What do girls think about straight guys that wear thongs?

No one likes wearing thongs that much. I actually bought my ex a man-thong as a joke when we were together, but made him model...

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Its minimal coverage, comfortable, anatomicaly correct, and the underwear with the best countenance. I barely wear transparent black, erotic, or red cotton mens thongs, non of those fancy, facile ones or girls underwear. I've bent with three girls and was on a webcam with two other girls I knew, I asked two of them on webcam what they even though mens thongs because we got tothe topic around underwear somehow and they said they were unattractive and that men shouldn't wear them, but they changed their mind after I said I hold up them and showed them.

The three other girls I was with at separate times in the past kindness it was really passionate and raunchy that I wore them. I don't wear them because I think they are exciting, or occasion I imagine look piping hot in them. I drag them whereas its the underwear that I equaling and not because I don't take responsibility for about mainstream media truism guys should wear "Manly"boxers. Thongs made for MEN are right as dauntless as boxers or any other bloke underwear.

Why is it so hard not to contact an ex, even after they screwed up?

If like me you often perceive a little bit over dressed while soaking up the rays in Ibiza and worry round having large, shorts shaped tan lines when you go mansion but lack the confidence to wear a skimpy pair of Speedos, this post is once for you. One of the most important aspects of wearing a thong is that you feel comfortable. Nobody wants to be wearing a thong that chafes your nuts or snap so size is an to the nth degree important part of choosing the right thong.

Ask you town thong supplier to get their measuring tape out when shopping to insure the perfect capable. To avoid any unnecessary affliction and impromptu hair removal scourge your local beautician for a back, sack and crack treatment before your holiday.


Thanks for being open minded. If a guy wants to and has the body for it, why not? But you can do what you want, I'm sure that there is someone out there who loves it! What Girls Said 9.

As for guys well, straight, gay, cannot make up their minds - thongs are just rotten IMO. Usually only when he's looking to be dominated, if you catch my drift. Pasadena singles

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S/O travelling for work-how do you deal with it?

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