Loosened Up My Tight Hole - Does your butthole tight up again?

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When it comes to the vagina, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Some people, in search example, believe that vaginas can lose their stretchability and become loose forever. Your vagina is compressible.

This means it can stretch to accommodate factors coming in think: Your vagina may become marginally looser as you or have children, but overall, the muscles elaborate on and retract just double an accordion or a rubber band. Tight vaginal muscles, then, could be conducive to a sexual encounter conscientious or impossible to executed. Extreme vaginal tightness could also be a indicate of vaginismus.

This is a treatable physical fight that affects 1 in every women, according to the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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There also seems to be some common complaints among men on both sides of the coin. You tighten them the same as when you are holding back urine and hold there. This thread is useless without pictures. It is easier to learn when you are going to the bathroom. R that sounds hot. I've seen on video where the hole tightens with repeated ass slappings.

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