Doctor Gives His Patient Some Extra Anus Attention - Anal Fissure

Normally, bowel movements will resume within the first few days following your baby's birth. Constipation can occur after having a baby.

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If possible, your doctor transfer perform a digital rectal exam, which involves inserting a gloved finger into your anal canal, or use a short, lighted tube anoscope to scan your anal canal. In any event, if this is too painful for you, your doctor may be clever to diagnose an anal fissure only by viewing.

An acute anal fissure looks like a bright tear, somewhat like a paper cut. A dyed in the wool anal fissure likely has the tear, as thoroughly as two separate lumps or tags of shell, one internal sentinel onto and one external hypertrophied papilla.

The fissure's area offers clues about its cause. A fissure that occurs on the side of the anal rift, rather than the rear or front, is more likely to be a sign of another untidiness, such as Crohn's illness. Your doctor may advisable further testing if he or she thinks you have an underlying condition:. Anal fissures often repair within a few weeks if you take steps to keep your stool soft, such as counting your intake of fiber and fluids.

Soaking in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes different times a day, conspicuously after bowel movements, can help relax the sphincter and promote healing. If you have a lingering anal fissure that is resistant to other treatments, or if your symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend surgery.

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Doctor Gives His Patient Some Extra Anus Attention

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