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Nowadays, gays have sex in their apartments—sometimes even in beds—but back in the old days, lots of gays went to all kinds of raunchy locales to carry on, from clubs to parks to trucks to bath houses. Let me bring it all back to you in a pre-Grindr whiff of Poppers and protein.

In the West Village in the '60s and '70s, gays congregated in various large vehicles that had been unloaded, as it were, and were left open in the back, poetically enough. In the s, it was all about "necking" in the back seat but in the '70s, the spotlight was on fisting in the back of a large vehicle.

Talk about truth in advertising. This nightspot was exactly what it sounded like. Gays went into a booth, stuck their business in a slot as if mailing a COD package, and then waited for someone to nibble on it.

Or, they simply sat there and waited for someone else to stick their business in the slot. It was sort of like a dirty version of the Horn and Hardart automat. The former Everard Baths, now a wholesaler. The Club and the Everard were hopping with gays in towels, but maybe the most famous of all was the Continental Baths Broadway , where the gays went to see Bette Midler perform—though more often, they were performing their own acts sex acts, that is in the rooms they rented.

In this legendary shtupp palace in the basement of the Ansonia Hotel, males would check their clothes, don a towel, and lay down on a bed in a way that would suggest what their preference was. Or they'd just go to the communal room and prepare to be mass-groped.

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There are plenty of horny straight guys who take advantage of the fact that fags want to get down on their knees and orally worship at the altar of their Pricks". Recently it is at least one envery visit. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription.

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Ice Water: You know you're dating a Russian woman.when she drinks vodka everywhere xD

Mitchell Soto: For me it's girl at , the Steph. Just perfect.

Kalinka 918: People complain that German men are not romantic, that they are cold, not friendly, too direct.

Arthur Che: Good video. Pretty woman. This does remind me of a girlfriend.

EcksdeeeXD: This seem to represent a Virgo rather than German men

Xnopressure: This is why I prefer anarchists women. They aren't spooked like y all are.

Ypsylon One: Oh my lord, he is so beautiful.

Jules Verne: Colombia or Argentina (I know it wasn't on the video)

Felix Batista: But he could DEFINITELY rock flannel.

Joem2600: Then Im pretty much SOL. All of those guys are better looking than me and even THEY are getting shot down! Damn!

Flikka1985: You know when you are dating a Venezuelan when she he looks for a foreigner to marry and escape communism ,this video is an example

Zammytu 1: This video sucked. i wanted to know more about my country. but i saw america! jeez

Max Solamente: Loved all! Suggest how to date Algerian men and women. thank you

Mark Price: Ammm .all the world wishes death to arabs.

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User2kffs: You know your dating a Russian when she rushes B without before you

Nico ArbГі: Looks a lot like russian women actually

Jesse James: That actor is amazing.made me laugh so hard kkkkkkkkk

SubaruFanatic: I love russian women.

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Astro Narry: You're running out of money :D Welcome to eastern Europe!

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