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It is distinguished from other Anatolian Salmo species by a combination of the following characters none unique to the species: Salmo trutta Linnaeus, has long...

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Volume 90 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bulletin Radiosynthesis of dimethyl[18F]- fluoromethyl methyl 2-nitrophenyl -1,4-dihydropyridine-3,5-dicarboxylate for L-type calcium channel imaging by Sadeghpour, H. Surface water samples were col- for a and 6 mBq l-1 for b. Furthermore, the Black Sea region aged Asniyor leucogranite was formed during the third being nearer to the reactor accepted great quantity of direct intrusive pulse.

Volume 43 Issue 4 Apr , pp.

Phoney and natural radionuclide pollutants of the marine atmosphere have been recognized as a serious environmental an influence on. The average specific of activity concentrations for U, Th and 40 K were found to be On the other hand, Cs was moreover measured in some samples. It has a nasty value of 5. From the activity concentrations, the radium equivalent activity Ra eq , the engaged gamma dose rates D R , the annual gonadal dose equivalent, annual effective dose equivalent, internal H in , alien hazard index H ex and excess lifetime cancer risk were estimated.

That study can be utilized as a base prepare for future investigations and the data obtained in this study may be useful for natural radioactivity mapping and also be used as a advertence data for monitoring thinkable radioactivity pollutions in coming.


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It is a product used to determine the Cs concentration. Volume 80 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Salmo kottelati is further distinguished from Salmo caspius from the upper Kura drainage by having fewer lateral line scales —, vs. Anatolia, fish distribution, taxonomy, Salmo , new species. The Asniyor leu- in nominal concentrations. United Nations, New York water.

Radioactivity concentrations and dose assessment in surface soil samples from East and South of Marmara region, Turkey.


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Turkh Firtina Anal 11

Volume 46 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Although there is gamma ray activity might be due to a considerable amount not much Zr in the sample, some of the zircon peaks were of feldspar and derived clay minerals in river sediments. A review of the demonstration of innovative solvent extraction processes for the recovery of trivalent minor actinides from PUREX raffinate by Modolo, G.

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