Military Black Hunk Swallows Commanders Cum - ‘military’ stories

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Military Black Hunk Swallows Commanders Cum
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Orally servicing well-built, muscular guys with thick bananas was considered a sign of bravery if you were a soldier in ancient Rome.

Instead, sexual relations between males was considered a bonding experience. The greater the bond, the stronger the cohesion was in the unit. This was particularly the case for the Hastatus ; the youngest of infantrymen in the pre-Marian armies before BC. If you were one of these soldiers, you saw real action on the front line and were likely the first to die in battle. At that time, giving your life up for the Empire was considered an honor with only the bravest of men serving in the legion.

And while it is true that some were forced to commit sexual acts as part of slavery, not everyone who engaged in gay sex did so by force. If you happened to be a Hastatus , you were expected to demonstrate your abilities through certain activities. Examples included sword fighting and hand to hand combat. Others included heavy lifting and games involving strategy. But to be considered an elite soldier, you had to prove your manliness by swallowing seed. As revealed in books written about the topic, this rite of passage was simple.

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