Rad Finds Keh Snooping Around His House - Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

This is a work of fiction. The characters, groups, and events portrayed within are in no way intended to resemble those of the real...

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Anna-M Behr: Women Presents Opinion

Mary Clever: How do you know you're dating a Jewish American Princess (JAP)?

Malapropism27: No like for you.don't believe Russian women are like that at all.

Ariane Simard: Wtf this is not an Indian guy

Johan Stjern: Hitler died for this

Eric Gill: Idk about these guys but I'm scared to leave my house, these girls can't look a strong Puerto Rican man in the eyes without wanting to jump all over him, all the dudes be jealous, black guys be mad white dudes be salty Mexicans stay away, lol, girls love a real man in this world full of sissies.

Gen Gula: So so so so so true omg

Chimpdongs: Ugh i really want some good biriyani nowb

Cissy Music: Ukrainan woman will have change very quickly when they start to earn money

Kalleri13: I am 33 and i want to meet the girl from Mexico, Erika. :)

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Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Sunday, 25 November at I had always looked at myself as a child of promise. Even my mom use to say it; That when I was born, the chief Iman of Ilorin came and prayed for me.

He prophesied into my life that I will do well and achieve great things at a very young age. He also said that my parents will be elevated. But now am wondering what has gone wrong about those prophesies? What is holding them back?

Das Ende: What I would do, don't like him

Theziz8: Dat blonde haar is gay af

Email Aspen: Sweden is a place of week and pervert people. Who would want to date or even go to a place like that.

Maya H.: Contro le porte della notte

Mars1313: Dating an indian woman please!

Maki265: Akash? Come on his a fag

Greg Courtney: Italians can be the most loving people but if u cross them then u will die just ask my family lmao

Felix Menard: So if tyou want to make jugdmental take people from age 18-28

SovietXred2: The girl is pretty much a prostitute if she expects the guy to pay for the date

Rapter5000: Why don't you add ukranian or serbian? it would be wonderful :)

Flo Cloutier: Australian women are sooo annoying, they never stop talking!

Leo Plays: Have you guys done American woman?

Maxi Torres: WHY do every greek stereotype has to have us like savages that only consider meat as good food? thefuq people! and yes arguments can become very heated and then forgoted but no not everything is solved with food

S Jones: You are idiots, don't Interrupt spiritual nature of Russian culture. Go find job earn some money or else

Rad Finds Keh Snooping Around His House

I hoped to reinvest the money i collect. Na only 2 trousers and 5 shirts wey I get I put inside my bag. It was better for me that way so I could be reaching out to her rather than me taking the phone to school.

It's no imposition at all. Well, to paraphrase Nicki Minaj:

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The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B. Christopher, you calling me from London?

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  1. by the time a men retires he has worked 5 years more than a women (UK even though men die earlier.

  2. What is so wrong about taking simple mesures, to minimzie your chances of being victimized? What is so wrong with that?

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