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This is a decently-rounded, high-damaging enemy with fairly long range, almost like an enemy counter to the player's Valkyrie Cat. It is pretty hard for new players to beat...

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Mihai769: And peace is cherished there :

Alice N. Li: That man is BEAUTIFUL.

Lion Tipu: Red flag for me as a woman when dating a man: when he talks about his sexual experiences. I can deal with sexual banter but outright bragging about his sexual escapades is for me downright creepy.

LikeMike17: She's the red flag here.

Shia De Yah: I really like this black trench coat (mantel in the EURO look, can you pass me the website where it was purchased so i can know the make and model?


Colomblanco: I love the Turk! He's super adorable :)

BboyGrimm: Do Serbian/Croatian or just Balkan girl/man lol

Adali V: Yessss i agree with superstition and punctuality

Ahmet Murati: Caveat: Of course, if one is of an Amerindian, Mestizo or Spanish background, then there would be ancestral reasons for learning Spanish. (Likewise, people of Irish ancestry should be compelled to learn Gaelic; people of Russian ancestry, Russian; people of Germanic/Teutonic background.German,and so on and on). For all other people, there are few legitimate reasons for studying Spanish. See above. Ancestral considerations outweigh all others.

Cougarlt: Yall need a bigger Asian

Maria Tsoulfa: Asian women suck cheapest most pathetic women around.

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Just when I considering that Microgaming took its look at cancelled the ball it released a...