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Morgalucci: Jesus love you all

Kriss J.H.: A dominatrix who talks with a thick russian accent


Kedar R: Brazilian girls are not sluts! The generalization is so unfair and this steriotype,prejudice!

Angry Fish: Lolz the extreme doting on his girlfriend is cute

Bittertokken: Kinda sad to see how strong traditional gender roles are in Russia.

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John Hunter: Well, always taught of the Brazilan accent as more effeminate, and the Portuguese more masculine, you can see it in the attitude and appearance too, as both women and men in Portugal are more hairy then in Brazil.

FactsOnDeck: Im from israel and no israeli woman are not THAT LOYAL!

LГ©ane Viard: Still waiting for Malaysian Men&women )))

Chrt_nd: Is Mexican so.yes,it is xD

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Soundbite: Can you please make video about Latvia

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EugeOrochi: Its pricier, but worth it. Because you can really enjoy the flavours and savour it. Boxed wine is the kind of drink you down after a breakup, because you don't give a shit about how good or bad it is

Jul1010: What's that about the outside of the road thing?

Diego Diniz: Man's not hot *SKRRRRAAE*

Steve Johnson: I also think that subcultural differences also play into it quite strongly as you find women from traditionally middle classes tend to behave slightly better but that's not a rule. The same can also be said for those that come from the traditional working classes in that they believe that getting blind drunk where you can't remember anything is a good time but again its not the rule.

Toshibuki: Germans are awesome people in so many ways! i worked with them for 6 years, they deserve so so much respect simply for how honest they are in everything they do! and guess what they actually have a pretty good sense of humour, against the popular cliches. really. awesome nation :)))

LightSS Moon: Where are the weeaboos?

Angelica: Red flag, women who bitch about wanting equality, then right after say its a turn off to pay for their own meal? God make me gay please.

Ashlynn: Do Greek people get offended if i ask them if they worship Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Ares? I am just curious please don't get mad at me.

Paul Ispaul: Dating a greek man pleaaaase

Cassie A.A: In today's society women don't cook, unless she chooses to, sorry fellows, men, guys, boys etc but this is uninformative. Not all women (Mexican nationals are gonna wake up at 5 a.m. and make flour tortillas, maybe in my grandmother's generation. Men have to realize that women are not like this and I don't understand why men always have to pay, that's just unfair.

Wanderlustcup: I think Iraqi girl Hani is very attractive in my opinion

Berleezuz: The fuck? we dont eat cheese like such.


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  1. How does this braindead woman manage to get so many views? Oh yeah thats right because she has big boobs. but sexism and stuff!1!

  2. Laci, you and what you do is purely amazing. People like you are needed on this platform. Shared xx

  3. Wow, a fellow Nasty. and I agree, there's a lot of talk about gender issues. a strange coincidence

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