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The practice of covert drug administration in food and beverages is well known in the treatment of psychiatrically ill world-wide but no prevalence rates exist. Medicating patients...

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Current research suggests that most patients who complete advance directives do not use these directives to decline all treatment with medication, but rather to indicate preferences among alternative treatments, or to inform future treating doctors of particular concerns—for example, the care of their pets or children while they are hospitalized.

If you talk to professional caregivers they can often give you very good examples of times when concealed medication seemed sensible and logical. This practice exclusively applies to individuals incapable of consenting to treatment. Ahern L, Van Tosh L. Legal Aspects of Psychiatry Indian. Legally, treatment without consent is permissible only where common law or statute provides such authority.

She is also engaged in practice of individual, family and marital therapies, besides being a PhD guide.

On these pages I debate the clinical law on which our nursing and medical staff rely when caring for our patients. Patients present to our hospital with a range of deliberately self inflicted injuries. These include cuts, overdoses, swallowing the indigestible; or failing to feed-bag and drink. Providing the patient consents to treatment, the effects of the injuries can usually be neutralised. If the passive is a young somebody 16 to 17 years old , then it may be possible to rely on their parents to provide consent, although as can be seen below, persistent refusal of the young person may lead to a court declaration, even in the middle of the incessantly.

However, generally, consent is available and therapy can proceed. If patients of any age refuse treatment, your clinical management lots depends on whether they have capacity. Although delicious to conclude that a patient who harms himself could only have finished so because he lacks capacity in the place…such a deduction is not tenable. In England, young people and all adults 18 years and over are presumed to have capacity. It is only by overcoming that presumption by proving that i the patient has an impairment of, a disturbance in the functioning of the mind or brain; and ii is unable to understand the relevant information, retain it, weigh it and announce their resultant decision….

If the patient lacks genius, then in the lack of an advanced resolve, they must be treated in their best interests. On the basis of the common law, and now the Mental Responsibility Act MCA , all efforts must be made to save their lives, or to prevent unceasing irremediable harm.

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Some solutions would be: The moral authority of advance directives can be based upon the principle of respect for patient autonomy. Are we taking refuge under the utilitarian perspective of ends justifying means, of maximization of happiness, of greatest good for the greatest numbers, or is that only a comforting shield? Principles of biomedical ethics. Exposes physician and hospital to liability based on claim of civil trespass, especially if there is an adverse outcome. Declaration This is an original unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere.

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