Double Self Pollution Without Spooging - Torrent poisoning

Reprinted by arrangement with MIT Press. A break, a shower, and a nap. There was so much porn and gore, so much offensive,...

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Chinese Web users are using video spoofs in an attempt to reclaim expressive space in Chinese—language cyberspace.

Close resolving domain names to IP addresses, it forges routing of IP packets possible and thereby lets browsers and other clients connect to remote servers using all kinds of protocols. Even though it sounds like a exceptionally simple task, this interpretation carries a great obligation because it is an essential step to storm communication between most machines even possible. Before a machine can connect to another machine and start the actual communication, a DNS request must fix the name of the destination machine.

And due to machines blindly connect to the IP address returned by the DNS server, being able to counterfeit specific or all of its entries means that the client connects to a different server — i. There are multiple reasons for wanting to reroute traffic. The two most prominent ones are to block access to a site or avail, or to eavesdrop the connection using a man-in-the-middle attack MITM.

This can be done by changing the router configuration or the network settings of the operating system or mobile device.

Double Self Pollution Without Spooging
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How To: DNS spoofing with a simple DNS server using Dnsmasq - Philipp's Tech Blog - Lansing singles

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Self Pollution - Given To Fly - Adult Sex Hookup Sites

Who cares if they want to brag about their collection. Ideally, the estimated pigment pattern would have full grayscale value, and zero for otherwise. Based on the assumption that the natural iris texture and CCL pattern are statistically independent in spectral imaging formation i.

Unofficial culture in a globalizing society. Based on the statistical independency and spectral distinctness between the natural iris texture and CCL, we successfully removed CCL patterns from the natural iris textures by applying the ICA algorithm with high-order statistical moments estimation.

In this study, we maneuvered a dual-band spectral imaging system to capture an iridal image from a cosmetic-contact-lens-wearing subject. By using the independent component analysis to separate individual spectral primitives, we successfully distinguished the natural iris texture from the cosmetic contact lens CCL pattern, and restored the genuine iris patterns from the CCL-polluted image. Based on a database containing test image pairs from 20 CCL-wearing subjects as the proof of concept, the recognition accuracy False Rejection Rate: Iris recognition has drawn much attention because of its well-established framework, extremely high accuracy, and computational efficiency [ 1 , 2 , 3 ].

Recently it is becoming even more popular and has started to be deployed for national-scale applications [ 4 , 5 ]. Like other biometric identification, iris recognition is subject to attempted forgery challenges. Intentionally or not, when people wear cosmetic contact lenses CCLs , whose circular pigment may fully or partially obscure the natural iris texture, the recognition performance will be degraded accordingly.

Many efforts have been made to develop anti-spoofing techniques for iris recognition. Generally speaking, spoofing techniques can be divided into 1 using a completely fake or printed eye to fool the system; and 2 modifying the texture of a living iris using augmented material, which, for most cases, in iris recognition involves wearing CCLs.

Therefore, the anti-spoofing technique can also be divided as: For the case of liveness detection, if the eye under test is classified as a fake eye, the iris recognition process simply stops and the system simply rejects the current subject and waits for the next.

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Torrent poisoning is intentionally sharing corrupt data or data with misleading file names using the BitTorrent protocol.

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